A&D Tough Lab Balances

3 October 2018

A&D weighing scales and Lab balances have a proud and long-standing popularity in Australian work places, especially in demanding environments.  Why make important everyday tasks overly complicated with superfluous & costly features just for the sake of fanciness? A&D lab balances are designed to take the punishment that can happen when accidental spills occur.  There are two types of Lab Balance users, those that have spilled stuff and those that are going to.  Don't settle for just a "standard weigh” when for the same price you can get an "accident proof" precision lab balance with Australia's leading 5 year warranty.  A&D make serious scales for serious applications and back them to the hilt with their local team and vast network of well qualified sales & service partners.  When you invest in A&D quality weighing technology, you invest in the future of your business.