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Thermo Fisher Scientific Announces Listing of the Ion PGM Dx System with the U.S. FDA as Class II Medical Device19 Sep 2014Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Registers San Jose Facility with FDA19 Jun 2014Read
FDA-Approval for First-Ever Diagnostic Test Allows Molecular Typing of Red Blood Cells for Blood Transfusions28 May 2014Read
Vitamin D-direct™ from Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. receives “Moderate Complexity” Categorization by the FDA28 May 2014Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces Next-Generation Ultraviolet-Visible Diode Array Spectrophotometer14 Apr 2014Read
Shimadzu Registers HPLC and LCMS Instruments as Class I Medical Devices with Food and Drug Administration11 Apr 2014Read
FDA Clears Randox Diabetes Quality Control10 Apr 2014Read
HPLC Analyzer Cleared by FDA for Diagnosis of Diabetes3 Feb 2014Read
FDA Approves TRETTEN® for the Treatment of Congenital Factor XIII A-Subunit Deficiency8 Jan 2014Read
Corgenix Announces Filing of 510(k) Premarket Notification for FDA Clearance of TxBCardio™ Assay17 Dec 2013Read

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Unraveling the Exclusivity Determination for Prodrugs12 May 2014Read
A Model for Pharmaceutical Supply Chain Quality Agreements7 Mar 2014Read
Laser Diffraction and Automated Imaging: Complementary Techniques for Nasal Spray3 Mar 2014Read
Vero Cell-based Vaccine Production: Rabies and Influenza Cell lines, Media and Bioreactor Options26 Feb 2014Read
Rapid, Reliable Metabolite Ratio Evaluation for MIST Assessments in Drug Discovery and Preclinical Studies12 Dec 2012Read
An In Silico Test Battery For Rapid Evaluation of Genotoxic and Carcinogenic Potential of Chemicals9 Apr 2012Read


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Analysis of Dietary Supplements5 Nov 2012Watch