SelectScience Interview: Hear What Scientists Say About the New SelectScience

The SelectScience community tests the new website...

23 Mar 2015

SelectScience provides a unique opportunity for scientists around the world to share ideas and learn about the latest technologies

Professor L C Cameron

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SelectScience helps me learn about products and methods; the reviews help to solve problems in my experiments

Antonio Peluso

University of Southern Denmark
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Reviews help with purchasing decisions by enabling more of an insight into the engineering and what is under the bonnet

Carsten Müller

Cardiff University
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SelectScience is the first place I go to. If we’re getting ready to spend $500,000 on an instrument, I want to know from the people who have bought it already what the performance is and what they are getting out of it

Chris Bianca

JRF America
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It is my job to be knowledgeable about what is happening in the world of diagnostics

Claudio Figueiredo de A Pereira

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You didn’t even know you needed something and now you see there is a new tool that is going to save millions

Emmy Staples

Exact Sciences
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SelectScience's reviews and application notes enable me to reduce downtime and optimize efficiency

Manus Carey 

Queen's University Belfast
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I make my buying decisions using SelectScience's impartial reviews... SelectScience helps me to bring innovation to my laboratory and company

Sebastien Chanlon

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SelectScience provides me with broad experience of a piece of equipment when I don't have actual personal experience

Stewart Rudnicki

Harvard Medical School 
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