TL2800 Nitrogen Analyzer by Timberline Instrument, Inc.

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TL2800 Nitrogen Analyzer
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The Model TL-2800 Ammonia & Nitrate analyzer is a laboratory instrument designed for high throughput automated analysis of ammonia and nitrate/nitrite + ammonia in aqueous samples.

Our patented gas diffusion / conductivity principle provides results unaffected by turbidity, color, or particulate matter in the sample. Ultra sensitive detection down to the ppb level is easily achieved with the standard diffusion membrane and conductivity cell.

An 8-roller peristaltic pump directs sample, caustic, and absorbing solutions into a tubular diffusion membrane assembly. Within the assembly, sample is mixed with the caustic solution resulting in a mixture with a pH of 11 or higher. At this pH level, virtually all ammonium present in the sample is converted to dissolved ammonia gas.

As the sample & caustic mixture flows over the tubular membrane, dissolved ammonia gas diffuses through the membrane wall and is absorbed by a buffered solution flowing on the inside. The measured change in electrical conductance of the absorbing solution is proportional to the concentration of ammonium in present in the sample.