Sonata - Cell Culture System

Manufacturer TAP Biosystems

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Sonata System - Automated cell culture of mammalian or insect cells in shake flasks.

Sonata is designed to automate the cell culture of mammalian or insect cells growing in suspension in shake flasks.

  • Sonata System Automates:
  • Maintenance of cell stocks
  • Cell line characterisation & selection
  • Culture optimisation – fed batch
  • Stability testing
  • Protein expression

Sonata System Benefits:

  • Automation of existing processes using standard shake flasks
  • Management of a number of different experiments in parallel
  • Unattended operation, including evenings and weekends
  • Investigation of a range of cell culture parameters

Sonata System Applications:

  • Biologics cell line and process development
  • Protein, virus and cell supply