SLB™-5ms by MilliporeSigma

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Chem/Phys Resistance Temp. Limits:
• 0.10 - 0.32 mm I.D.: -60 °C to 340 °C (isothermal)
• 0.10 - 0.32 mm I.D.: -60 °C to 360 °C (programmable)
• 0.53 mm I.D.: -60 °C to 330 °C (isothermal)
• 0.53 mm I.D.: -60 °C to 340 °C (programmable)

General description:  Operating Conditions:
Chemically compatible with water and other injection solvents. Sensitive to strong inorganic acids and bases. Columns can be rinsed.

The low phenyl content provides a boiling point elution order with a slight increase in selectivity, especially for aromatic compounds. The low bleed characteristics, inertness, and durable nature of the SLB™-5ms make it the column of choice for US EPA Methodologies such as semivolatiles by GC-MS and pesticides/PCBs by GC-ECD.

This column meets USP G27 and G36 requirements.