SignalScout PTP4A2 (PRL2 )Human Phosphatase Vector

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The SignalScout collection of phosphatase reagents includes the largest collection of human phosphatase expression clones and substrate trapping mutant expression clones.
  •  Largest collection of active phosphatase enzymes, human phosphatase expression clones, and substrate trapping mutant expression clones
  •  Purified GST-tagged active phosphatases for in vitro assay studies
  •  Protein tyrosine, lipid, and dual specificity phosphatases available
  •  in vivo mammalian phosphatase expression
  •  Triple c-myc tagged enzymes
  •  Substrate Trapping Expression Clones are mutated to retain specific binding activity but lacking catalytic activity
  •  Trapping mutants are c-myc labeled

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SignalScout PTP4A2 (PRL2 )Human Phosphatase Vector

Manufacturer Agilent Technologies

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