ZEISS PALM MicroBeam by ZEISS Microscopy

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PALM MicroBeam uses a patented process to capture even the most demanding specimens – from cryosections, FFPE materials, native tissue like fresh plants, live cells and chromosomes – without contamination.

The complete workflow for your laser microdissection research
PALM MicroBeam makes isolating uncontaminated source material simple. Precise detection, laser microdissection and patented laser transport allow you to obtain the homogenous analysis material necessary for meaningful scientific results.

Because analyses of gene expression patterns rely on exactly-separated analytical material, unwanted cells may alter your results and conceal the signals of the relevant cells. PALM MicroBeam prevents this by allowing you to define cells and tissue regions precisely, ensuring your results are exact and reproducible.

Highlights of this technology
• Suitability for laser microdissection and analysis for DNA, RNA and protein isolation – from archive material or live cells
• A system that completes the step from laser-microdissection to integrated imaging workstation
• Applicable to cryosections and FFPE tissue
• Performing LCM even from standard glass slides
• Extendibility – add digital cameras from the AxioCam camera range
• Ability to integrate additional components into MicroBeam and create simple workflows, for individual experiments or automation with flexible collectors
• Calibration routines that allow you to easily adjust MicroBeam for laser parameters appropriate to your chosen specimen