Montage Plasmid MiniPrep 96 Kit by MilliporeSigma

Manufacturer MilliporeSigma
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Montage Plasmid MiniPrep 96 Kit
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The Montage Plasmid Miniprep96 Kit is a fast, easy-to-use kit for high-purity plasmid minipreps. Using a unique separation technology (patent pending), the Montage Kit follows a simple protocol that eliminates lengthy bind/elute methods and centrifugation steps to yield clean and reproducible DNA in 50% less time than traditional methods.

The kit includes all the reagents and disposable materials you need to purify plasmid DNA in a 96-well format. Following bacterial lysis, three short filtration steps are all that are required to prepare 96 clean DNA samples from each plate. Purified samples are suitable for the most sensitive downstream applications including cloning, DNA sequencing, transformation, and other applications.

Montage Plasmid Miniprep96 Kits are ideal for use with automated liquid handlers. Collection of purified sample from the top of the plate and the lack of centrifugation steps enhance the kit's compatibility with a wide range of automated systems.