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GAT Gamma Analysentechnik GmbH (Now: NORDANTEC GmbH)

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Solid-phase extraction for increased productivity: LiChroPLATE® microtiter plates improve the sample throughput and speed of sample preparation. LiChroPLATE® enables solid-phase extraction to be carried out with considerable convenience and flexibility. From sample application with multi-channel pipettors to complete automation of the sample preparation process. Only in this way high sample throughputs can be achieved. LichroPLATE® plates are specially designed disposable plates for solid-phase extraction. They are made of highest quality polypropylene with a high degree of solvent resistance; the purity of the extract is thus guaranteed. The standard 96 deep well array is available with various LiChrolut® sorbents with fillings from 10 mg to 200 mg.