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The dual-sided gel electrophoresis apparatus system is the perfect tool to increase you sample data analysis, which can process two gels simultaneously, with a rotating base providing an easy access to both gels. JumboGel sharktooth combs are designed with 3 mm point-to-point well spacing to accomodate multichannel pipettors. Specially-etched low-fluorescence plates allow common pipette tips to fit accurately into troughs, making alignment easy and eliminating the need for special gel-loading tips. The JumboGel system facilitates loading, electrophoresis, and imaging of up to 264 samples in under 3 hours. For more details on this product contact us or visit our Website : Hitachi Software Engineering Europe S.A. Parc de Limère - Z.I. d'Ardon - BP 629 45166 OLIVET Cedex - FRANCE Tel. : +33 2 38 69 86 90 Fax : +33 2 38 69 86 99 E-mail : gene@software.hitachi.fr www.hitachisoft-eu.com/bio