FSX100 Fluorescence Microscope by Olympus Life Science

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FSX100 Fluorescence Microscope

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Rating: 4.3

"The Olympus fx-100 is very handy cool instrument with an enclosed cabin. The problem I felt with the instrument is that software misses a scan field rotation and it hangs some time. But overall I will give 4/5 stars. "

Review date: 02 Dec 2013 | FSX100 Fluorescence Microscope
The FSX100 all-in-one microscope provides a compact, innovative plug-and-play solution for bright field, phase contrast and fluorescence microscopy, including the detection of colocalisation.

The FSX100 combines the highest quality, state-of-the-art hardware and smart and intuitive user-friendly software that guides the user to brilliant images. The intuitive nature of the software means that the FSX100 is an ideal multi-user microscope. The FSX100 can be easily used in different system configurations, for example as an automated microscope, a motorised microscope or a closed-box microscope.

The Olympus FSX100 is supplied with three high-quality fluorescence excitation filters and can be fitted with a fourth if needed. The three supplied filters – ultraviolet (360–370 nm), blue (460–495 nm) and green (530–550 nm), cover the excitation requirements for many standard fluorescence dyes, such as DAPI, FITC, TRITC and GFP. The metal halide fluorescence light source has been developed to provide steady illumination throughout each experiment and the lifetime of the burner. It is also pre-centred, which makes changing the burner very straightforward. What is more, by adding a halide gas to the burner, some of the metal “burnt” from the electrodes and deposited on the inside of the glass is recycled back to the electrodes. This not only decreases the rate at which the electrode gap grows, but also reduces the build-up of metal on the glass.

FSX100 Fluorescence Microscope Features:
  • Integrated Hardware for Excellent Images - unifies all the components needed for fluorescence imaging without compromising on quality.
  • Intuitive Interface - To make microscopy more accessible, the Olympus FSX100 features a completely new software concept, which puts user-friendliness and convenience in the foreground. Consequently, the new workflow-oriented software of the FSX100 guides even first-time users step by step to the best possible image.
  • Simplified Versatility - With a single click, the user can choose between fluorescence, phase contrast and bright field observation modes.