CyBi® - InLine 8/1000 µl by Analytik Jena Life Science

CyBi<sup>®</sup> - InLine 8/1000 µl by Analytik Jena Life Science product image
CyBi® - InLine 8/1000 µl

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The CyBi®-InLine 8/1000 µl performs the standard application like dilution series, but also other laboratory routines such as reliable and reproducible filling, reformatting and replicating of microplates. The availability of a multi-dispense mode allows a quick and efficient filling of microplates.

Microplates and reservoirs are handled by the CyBi®-InLine 8/1000 ul on a linear deck (in choices of 3, 4 or 5 positions). An additional position is reserved for the tip loading and the system is equipped with a separate tip disposal chute. Tips can be ordered in a variety of sterilities including non-treated, pre-sterilized and filtered. These options, combined with the separation of the tip pick up and release locations, offer worry-free processing of contamination sensitive samples. If the application allows, tips may also be re-used by nesting them back into the pick-up position or washed automatically to extend the life of the consumables.

Depending on requirements the CyBi®-InLine 8/1000 µl can be extended with a line of accessories such as a barcode reader, a tip wash station, heating or cooling systems for plates and reservoirs, an automated reservoir filling or stacker for plate storage and more.