CSols Links for LIMS for AquaKem/ Konelab Instruments by CSols Ltd.

Manufacturer CSols Ltd.

CSols Links for LIMS for AquaKem/ Konelab Instruments by CSols Ltd. product image
CSols Links for LIMS for AquaKem/ Konelab Instruments
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CSols is pleased to announce the release of Links for LIMS for Aquakem Instruments which are widely used in Water and Environmental Laboratories. Aquakem Instruments are often operated as very high throughput devices in these analytical laboratories. They are clearly prime candidates for integrating with LIMS in most companies. Doing so generally provides huge benefits in terms of analytical quality, cost per reported result and many other areas.

Significant financial and quality benefits can arise from interconnecting laboratory systems, including analytical instrumentation, especially if a high degree of automation is included.

A surprising range of automation and integration requirements can be met with CSols’ fully configurable standard product, Links for Lims which requires absolutely no user programming to implement. Links for Lims is a highly configurable, easy to implement and simple to use instrument interfacing and integration product.  Some similar applications require the user to utilize embedded scripting tools (languages such as Basic) to create usable solutions. It is important to consider the onerous validation issues created when allowing users to generate such custom programs.

As a ‘rule of thumb’ CSols’ experience shows that it is almost always financially worth integrating with LIMS if the instrument reports more than 100 results per day (20 samples by 5 components is 100 results). In addition to cost benefits there is demonstrably improved analytical quality, faster turnaround and better analyst job satisfaction.