Chronos Time Resolved Fluoresence by Scientific optical solutions ltd

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Chronos Time Resolved Fluoresence
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The ISS Chronos is the first, frequency-domain fluorescence lifetime instrument based on the use of laser diodes and light emitting diodes (LED) as excitation sources. This powerful tool provides all the benefits of a full lifetime fluorometer at an affordable price. The ISS Chronos has been enhanced for those users operating at standard wavelengths of excitation typically at a set region. The Chronos is a fully-automated instrument using a Windows based software program and can be upgraded to steady-state acquisition.

For the Phase and Demodulation data of indocynine green (ICG) acquired by a laser diode, click here.
Chronos, Lifetime fluorescence measurements using laser diodes and LEDsFeaturesCompact and portable
Interchangeable modules for each wavelength
Full hardware automation
Full acquisition automation Speed ­ measurements from complex decays are acquired in less than one minute MeasurementsLifetime determination of multi-exponential decays
Lifetime analysis using continuous distributions
Rotational motions of molecules
Phase and modulation resolved kinetics
Phase and modulation resolved spectra
Lifetime millisecond kinetics
Time-resolved spectra

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