AxyPrep™ PCR Cleanup Kit

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AxyPrep PCR Cleanup Kit - Employs a special Binding Solution in combination with an AxyPrep spin column to achieve high selectivity and recovery of DNA fragments.

The AxyPrep PCR Cleanup Kit is designed to purify DNA fragments longer than 75 bp from PCRs and other enzymatic reactions, with an expected recovery of 70-90%. Each column has a binding capacity of up to 8 µg. It is not necessary to remove mineral oil overlays from the PCRs before purification. The AxyPrep™ PCR Cleanup Kit protocol will remove unincorporated primers (<50 nt), enzymes and unlabeled and fluorescent dye-labeled mononucleotides.

The purified DNA fragments from the AxyPrep™ PCR Cleanup Kit are suitable for a variety of applications, such as:

• Sequencing,
• Ligation,
• Restriction analysis,
• In vitro transcription,
• Microinjection,
• Microarrays

Features of the AxyPrep™ PCR Cleanup Kit: 

• Rapid spin and vacuum protocols 
• Efficient purification of 75 bp -100 Kb DNA fragments 
• Up to 8 μg of linear DNA 
• Removal of unincorporated primers <50 nt 
• Maintains chemical integrity of DNA fragments 
• No alcohol precipitation 
• Purified DNA fragments are suitable for many downstream applications 
• Three kit sizes

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AxyPrep™ PCR Cleanup Kit

Manufacturer Axygen Scientific, Inc.

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