Product News: New Five Channel Fluorescence Digital Pathology Scanning Platform

25 Jul 2012

Leica Microsystems announces the release of the SCN400 2.2 scanning platform. Batch processing in both brightfield and multi-channel fluorescence, coupled with user-friendly workflows, makes the SCN400 2.2 an all-round high performance solution for digital pathology scanning.

With up to 5 fluorescence channels per slide, the SCN400 2.2 provides a truly flexible whole slide scanning solution. The ability to capture multiple markers on a single sample, with clear focus and channel separation, ensures that researchers maximize results from precious or rare samples. Capacity for multiple filter cubes enables up to 7 distinct fluorescence channels to be utilized across a scanning batch, providing flexibility for the varied samples in research and pharmaceutical laboratories.

The SCN400 2.2 is optimized to meet the requirements of both brightfield and fluorescence imaging in a single scanning platform. Monochrome detectors for fluorescence provide excellent separation of individual fluorophores that may be close in wavelength, while color detectors for brightfield provide excellent digital slide capture quality.

For brightfield imaging the advanced tissue finding system automatically identifies areas for capture, while Leica’s patented Dynamic Focus removes the overhead of slide pre-mapping, rapidly scanning high quality whole slide images. With the addition of the SL801 autoloader with capacity for 384 slides, the SCN400 2.2 becomes a truly automated high-throughput system.

Dr. Donal O’Shea, Head of Digital Pathology at Leica Microsystems, says “Providing a streamlined workflow for tissue-based research that facilitates quantitative analysis and flexible solutions for multi-user laboratories is a continued focus for Leica. The advanced brightfield and fluorescence imaging capacity in this release provides an optimal single-platform scanner for the varied samples used by biomarker discovery and translational researchers.”

Total Digital Pathology from Leica provides complete end-to-end solutions for scanning, management and analysis of digital pathology images. As part of this portfolio, the SCN400 2.2 provides unparalleled flexibility and performance, to make slide scanning a simple, integrated step in the pathology workflow.