Product News: New from Anachem the Rainin E4™XLS™ – The Pipetting App Master

01 Sep 2011

The Rainin E4™XLS™ range is a new generation of electronic pipettes, designed to deliver advanced functionality, with a modern, easy to use interface.

The E4 XLS can be programmed for a number of applications, from setting up mixing protocols, such as serial dilutions, to volume sequencing, reverse pipetting and dilute. Its ‘True Manual Mode’ gives researchers real-time control over aspiration and dispense speed, without the inconsistency and RSI issues associated with manual pipettes.

A quick start guide makes the E4 easy to use, but there is also a comprehensive user manual plus ‘onboard help’. This App Master has many features, functionalities and a new approach to navigation that leads to simplicity and control in pipetting. The E4 is fully upgradeable and expandable from your PC, so you can keep your E4 up to date with the latest upgrades and downloadable protocols.