Product News: VIDAS® 3 Presented at the JIB International Biologists Congress

08 Nov 2012

bioMérieux, a world leader in the field of in vitro diagnostics, presented the VIDAS® 3, the new generation of its automated immunoassay system, during the Journées Internationales de Biologie (JIB) congress in Paris. This latest enhancement to the VIDAS® range offers major new features including, increased automation and greater traceability. VIDAS® 3 will use the same reagents as the other instruments in the VIDAS® range.

The VIDAS® menu currently comprises 98 tests for the diagnosis, monitoring and prognosis of numerous pathologies. Part of this menu is dedicated to unique and high medical-value tests including, VIDAS® B•R•A•H•M•S PCT, for the measurement of procalcitonin levels, used in the early diagnosis of severe bacterial infections (such as sepsis). Another example is the VIDAS® D-Dimer ExclusionTM II test, which is the most referenced test for excluding a diagnosis of deep vein thrombosis and pulmonary embolism.

Based on the single-sample test concept, VIDAS® 3 enables laboratories to carry out tests on demand, 24 hours a day and seven days a week, thus strengthening their ability to work autonomously. VIDAS® 3's intuitive touch screen interface offers a tailored and user-friendly solution for healthcare professionals seeking to optimize their organization, guarantee the quality of the biological tests that they perform, and thus provide a rapid and reliable response to clinicians.

"With 27,000 instruments installed in clinical laboratories, VIDAS® has the largest installed base of automated immunoassay systems in the world. bioMérieux has addressed biologists' needs by incorporating a greater level of automation in our new VIDAS® 3 system, while maintaining the simplicity, flexibility and accuracy that have made the VIDAS® range such a success. VIDAS® 3 is an excellent solution for high medical-value tests, complementary tests and small test series. It is also ideal for use in laboratories in emerging countries," stated François Lacoste, Corporate Vice President, bioMérieux Immunoassays Unit.

VIDAS® 3 has been designed to help healthcare professionals meet the new challenges that they must face in a rapidly-changing regulatory and economic environment. VIDAS® 3 provides accurate and reliable results. This new-generation VIDAS® instrument improves the performance of centralized and satellite laboratories for tests done on demand and in series.

In addition, the built-in quality control program, in association with the new quality control product offering, myQC, will make it possible for laboratories to compare their results with those of hundreds of other laboratories. New remote training and accreditation assistance services are also available to VIDAS® users.

A website for users of VIDAS was also recently launched. It was created to bring together users from medical biology laboratories and enable them to discuss their experiences. It includes a database of scientific and technical information. Through this site, VIDAS® system users will be able to hone their expertise.