Product News: Autoclave Solutions at ARABLAB 2010

05 Jan 2010

Priorclave will be exhibiting examples from their comprehensive range of Laboratory Autoclaves. Those on display will include the three most popular, electrically heated models, the PS/MID/C60 smallest, 60L capacity Top Loading model, the PS/QCS/EV100 mid range, 100L capacity Top Loader and the PS/QCS/EH150 mid range, 150L capacity Front Loader.

Both top and front loader models are also available as versions suitable for connection to an external steam supply.

Priorclave have more than 20 years experience in supplying autoclaves to laboratories with industry wide applications, manufacturing and supplying varying models from the 40L capacity Bench Top to Rectangular models of 700L capacities and above. All these standard models employ their sophisticated and versatile TACTROL® microprocessor control system allowing all types of use from simple to complex cycles.

ALL models from the standard range feature the unique BioCote® anti-microbial coating, clinically proven to be effective against microbial growth on working surfaces and a valuable second line of defence in the fight against cross-infection in the laboratory. They are the only autoclaves proven by rigorous testing to render micro-organisms harmless even when turned off!

Priorclave's Paul Richardson and Lee Oakley will be on hand to talk about the range and to help you find the ideal solution to all your autoclaving needs. Visit booth 232 for more details.