Product News: Innovative Filter Weighing Solution for Emissions Testing

27 May 2011

Due to the ever stricter requirements of international emissions standards, determining the mass of particulate matter is now a key task at environmental laboratories and in the automotive industry. To keep up with these ever stricter standards for particulate emissions, in particular from diesel-powered vehicles, METTLER TOLEDO is proud to present the F-A770 Filter Robot – the complete filter weighing solution for the global automotive industry.

The robot-assisted filter weighing system, which incorporates an Excellence Balance equipped with a Filter Weighing Kit, guarantees fast and precise determination of particulate matter on filters at an accuracy of up to 0.1 µg. The system also complies with all present and upcoming EU and US standards for emissions determination.

Fast filter handling

The robot’s fully automatic process can weigh up to 80 filters in just 80 minutes, which includes a constant acclimatization time. METTLER TOLEDO’s innovative filter holder allows acclimatization, storage, transport and weighing to be carried out without having to remove the filter or endure any other interruptions.

Secure data management

The Windows®-based FilterControl software complements the automatic weighing process to provide a fast and secure solution. A barcode scanner simplifies filter identification and facilitates easy integration of the data into higher-level software systems.

The F-A770 in-use

Tognum, one of the world’s leading suppliers of engines, complete propulsion systems and power solutions, is already using the F-A770 Filter Robot at its subsidiary company MTU Friedrichshafen to determine particulate emissions. According to the company the F-A770 provides fast measurements and analyses.