Product News: FLIR Systems Introduce New Thermal Imaging Camera Lens with Accurate Temperature Measurement at Longer Distances

25 Feb 2013

FLIR Systems has introduced a new 100mm USL lens for its FLIR X6500sc thermal imaging cameras. This motorised F/2 lens provides a 5.5 degree horizontal field of view making it ideal for measuring the temperature of distant targets.

Applications that will benefit from the new addition to the X6500sc lens portfolio include safe, remote temperature measurements of tyres, brake disks, airbag deployment or other fast moving objects observed from a distance.

Ultrasonic Smart Lens technology (USL) is a unique FLIR technology embedded in every motorized lens available for the X6500sc cameras. USL technology enhances the speed at which the lenses operate, as well as improving positioning accuracy. This enables fast and precise autofocusing. Also, because FLIR USL lenses use ultrasonic motors, the user can still adjust the focus manually, which is not possible using standard technologies.

Designed to provide ultra-sensitive and accurate measurements, ease of use and the most advanced connectivity in a compact, yet full featured system – FLIR X6500sc thermal imaging cameras are ideal for scientists and R&D professionals working on the most demanding applications. Providing high-definition images of 640x 512 pixels, FLIR X6500sc thermal imaging cameras will reveal the faintest thermal behavior and allow you to see the smallest of details. Incorporating the most advanced detector technology - FLIR X6500sc cameras can detect temperature differences smaller than 25mK (18mK typically). Using FLIR's proprietary "lock-in" facility it is possible to process temperature differences as small as 1mK and make them clearly visible. Designed to unlock the secrets of almost any application a FLIR X6500sc camera can measure temperatures up to 3,000º C with an accuracy of +/- 1ºC or +/- 1%