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Brooks BioStore™  

5 out of 5

The Brooks BioStore™ Ultra Low Temperature Automated Sample Storage System is a fully automated sample storage and retrieval system designed to operate at -80°C and to ensure sample...
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REMP Tube Technology  
Brooks REMP® storage tubes offer industry leading storage quality and are specifically designed for automation. It provides researchers with a reliable automated workflow, that protects...
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Large and Customized Compound Management & Sampl...  
The Large and Customized Compound Management & Sample Storage Systems offered by Brooks utilize high-specification, industrial-quality automation, high-speed picking robotics and...
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Reatrix - Data Matrix Code Reading  
Brooks Reatrix allows the reading of REMP Storage Tube Racks with a 2D DataMatrix code. It can be integrated into automated systems or used as a standalone unit.
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REMP 384 Way Tubes  
REMP 384 Way Tubes are single use tubes with low costs per tube. Working volumes of up to 40 µl and minimal dead volume of 2 µl. Features • Storage Tube Rack (15mm high), SBS...
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REMP 96 Way Tubes  
Brooks REMP 96 Way Tubes provide storage and destination tube racks for samples. The tubes are manufactured from medical grade polypropylene; free of detectable DNA, DNase/RNase, PCR...
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REMP Capped Tubes  
Brooks REMP Capped Tubes  allows multi-sip 96-way storage workflows at storage temperatures down to -80°C. The cap is designed specifically for automation; each cap is held securely...
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REMP Capper/Decapper  
The REMP® Capper/Decapper  system is the only tube capping system designed for automation. It is used widely for both biological and compound samples. The latest version is...
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REMP EasySealer  
The Brooks REMP EasySealer™ is a semi-automated instrument ideal for low throughput sealing applications. The device is capable of sealing many different types of standard microplates,...
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REMP Lids and Piercing Lids  
Brooks Lids and Piercing Lids are designed for use with single use heat sealed tubes and other sealed containers (e.g. REMP® storage microplates). Lids are free of detectable DNA,...
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REMP Seal Piercers  
Brooks   REMP® Seal Piercers range is unique – it offers the chance to pierce a foil seal with a wide hole for reliable liquid handling and, as the lids are disposable, there is no...
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REMP Single Use Heat Sealed Tubes  
Brooks REMP Single Use Heat Sealed Tubes are cost effective single use storage use tubes. Our heat seal provides the highest integrity of any capping or sealing system and saves...
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REMP Thermo Heat Seals  
Brooks REMP Thermo Seal is a sealing material that can be utilized in many applications. Rolls have a capacity of 5,000 plates/tubes racks. Sheets are sold in boxes of 100. The principle...
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REMP Tube Caps  
Brooks REMP Tube Caps are designed for automation and are available in ready capped tubes or in Cap Mats. REMP Tube Caps are available in Cap Mats which comprise of an array of 8x12...
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REMP Tube Punching Module  
The REMP Tube Punching Module allows small collections or low throughput laboratories to automate the sample picking of REMP® 96-way tubes and REMP® 384-way tubes. Features and...
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Small to Medium Size Compound Management & Autom...  
Brooks’ Small to Medium Size Compound Management & Automated Sample Storage Systems focuses on high storage densities, multi-format picking, modularity, flexibility and reliability.
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Sprint 6 Scheduling Software - HTS Systems  
Brooks SPRINT 6™ is a contemporary scheduling software application designed specifically to meet the needs of high-throughput screening groups. User-friendly, Sprint 6 is applicable for...
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Tube Auditor  
The Brooks Tube Auditor uses high-speed vision technology to ‘see’ the volume of sample and the presence of precipitate in a tube. This automated solution offers significant benefits...
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