iKnife, AI, and robotics: How Zoltan Takats is driving innovation in cancer care and research

“Surgery is turning from therapeutic to theranostic more and more… eventually intelligent surgery will be the treatment.”

Join SelectScience® CEO, Kerry Parker, as she speaks to Professor Zoltan Takats, Professor of Analytical Chemistry at the Faculty of Medicine, Imperial College London. In this episode, learn about the future possibilities of intelligent surgery, where AI and robotics assist surgeons with precision surgery and real-time decision-making, leading to improved outcomes for patients.  Hear about the development of the iKnife and the challenges for academics in commercialising tools for the clinical lab. Discover the opportunities of moving from therapeutics to theranostics, which technologies will accelerate clinical research and how the future is a team affair. Join the conversation to hear about Takats’ personal mission to change how cancer care is performed.

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How cell image data is enhancing flow cytometry, enabling ground-breaking discoveries

In this interview, Dr. Daniel Vocelle, Assistant Director of the MSU Flow Cytometry Core Facility, explains how the Attune™ CytPix™ Flow Cytometer from Thermo Fisher Scientific is helping researchers make new discoveries in cell cycle analysis, endospore lifecycle, nanoparticle uptake in bacteria, and more.

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​Dr. Krishanu Saha
​Dr. Krishanu Saha
Introducing the Agilent 6495 LC-MS

Discover the new 6495 triple quadrupole LC/MS system. This ultra-high-performance system has been designed for research and testing labs investigating large batches of samples. Equipped with the latest, innovative iFunnel technology, this LC/MS/MS achieves ppq-level detection limits for the most challenging analytes in heavy matrix, while providing high precision at sub-millisecond dwell times.

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The latest advances in life sciences research

As the study of living organisms, life sciences spans a huge variety of topics and is the scene of some of the most extraordinary advances in science to date. In this special feature, we explore some ground-breaking technological advances such as spatial biology, artificial intelligence-based analysis, and omics research. Plus, we look ahead to find out where the next huge impacts might be felt.

Life sciences news, reviews, and more

Advancements in sample preparation

In this resource, RETSCH discusses the importance of sample preparation, from cell disruption to homogenization and pulverization, for various biological materials

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Mass photometry for cryo-EM

In this article with Refeyn, explore an easy way to assess sample quality prior to cryo-EM analysis.

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Expanding horizons with the qTOWER iris

Learn more about a new instrument from Analytik Jena for multiplex assays in real-time PCR.

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Droplet-based microfluidics for high-throughput applications

Explore the Opto Imaging Module profile M, a digital inverted microscope designed for microfluidic experiments in the life science and medical fields.

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Eppendorf is celebrating 60 years of the Eppi

Over a billion Eppendorf Tubes have been sold worldwide since its introduction in 1963. Look back at the history of the Eppi®.

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Illumina and the evolution of genomics

Illumina is celebrating 25 years of innovation. In this download, take a look at 25 of the greatest impacts that Illumina technology has made to date.

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Streamline hyperplex immunofluorescence at single-cell resolution

Learn how Lunaphore’s COMET™ can support users to understand the tumor microenvironment and classify different tumor types.

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Improve accuracy in your flow cytometry data

Discover the Attune CytPix Flow Cytometer, which now has automated image analysis for doublet discrimination, live-dead analysis, and more.

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Protein and peptide mass spectrometry imaging

Learn how you can easily achieve quality mass spectra and MS images for intact proteins from tissue sections and for peptides using the Shimadzu MALDI-8020.

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"Great, easy to use printer. Have lots of exciting results already."

"We bought this printer in January as part of a new bioprinting and biomaterials suite our platform is establishing. The system is very user-friendly, and the modular heads give it a wide range of functionalities. We have used it for extrusion printing, co-axial printing, and droplet printing, and in the future also plan to use the photo-crosslinking and syringe pump functionalities. The clean chamber option means we can print with cells and keep things sterile without having to put the printer in a biosafety cabinet. The support we have received from the company has been great but could be improved with a dedicated service contract option."

Christina Dix, The Francis Crick Institute

MiSeq Personal Sequencer by Illumina

"Easy to handle, great results!"

"Device is super easy to handle. Helpful technical support. Most protocols for library preperation are aligned to Illumina devices like MiniSeq."

Benjamin Mayerhofer, ÖGH Hanusch Hospital

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