The path to invention: How Alexander Makarov continues to revolutionize mass spectrometry and Orbitrap

“You have this incredible ensemble of world class professionals working hidden from public eye, never advertized, never filmed, but nevertheless creating miracles of [the] human mind.”

Join SelectScience® CEO, Kerry Parker, as she interviews renowned physicist and engineer, Professor Alexander Makarov, best known for his leading role in the development of the Orbitrap mass spectrometry technology. In this thought-provoking episode, Makarov discusses his fascinating life story, unique challenges as a scientist in a technology company, explains how mass spectrometry works and the concept of democratization in scientific advancements.

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Interrogating cell heterogeneity: Latest innovation in mass spectrometry transforms single-cell proteomics

In this video, Prof. Erwin Schoof, The Cell Diversity Lab, Technical University of Denmark, explains how the Thermo Scientific™ Orbitrap™ Astral™ mass spectrometer revolutionizes single-cell proteomics by detecting undetectable low abundant proteins. He also shares insights on the future of proteomics, emphasizing the growing significance of multiplex data independent acquisition.

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​Dr. Krishanu Saha
​Dr. Krishanu Saha
25 years of mass spectrometry innovations

Join Kerry Parker, CEO at SelectScience, in an insightful discussion with Dan Shine, Senior Vice President and President, Analytical Instruments, Asia Pacific and Latin America at Thermo Fisher Scientific. In this video, they delve into the remarkable technological and data revolution currently shaping the science industry. Together, they explore the pivotal advancements in mass spectrometry that have propelled the field of analytical science forward.

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The latest advances in analytical chemistry

Analytical methods are essential technical tools that have seen astonishing advances over the last few decades. During this special feature we celebrate game-changing technological advancements in the field such as battery testing, mass spectrometry and beyond. Plus, we look to the future to find out what’s coming next.

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Drug delivery: The role of liposomes and micelles

Learn how you can perform high-concentration liposome and micelle suspension measurement in this application notes from Microtrac MRB.

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Enhance 3D X-ray microscopy with artificial intelligence

In this infographic, explore how AI can be used to facilitate high-throughput analysis of image data for material microstructure.

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Improving energy storage: What makes the perfect battery?

Learn about the latest methods advancing battery material research in this interview with Dr. Zhenyu Zhang, UCL.

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6560 Ion Mobility Q-TOF LC/MS by Agilent Technologies

“Reproducible and excellent results.”

"Excellent workflow for metabolomics and proteomics workbench."

Robin Joshi, University of Pennsylvania

Quest Diamond ATR by Specac Ltd

"I wouldn't want to teach FTIR without this."

"The Quest Diamond ATR is a great addition to FTIR for teaching as it is durable and high throughput. Students find it easy to master using the instrument when they don't have to use salt plates or make pellets. It has increased student understanding for FTIR spectra and sampling processes. I recommend anyone wishing to teach FTIR to undergraduate students to consider this product for improved sampling and increasing speed of samples."

Chris Mazzanti, University of Arkansas, Fayetteville Campus

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