Analysis of Trace Elements in Tungsten Metal Using the Prodigy DC Arc Spectrometer
4 November 2015

Tungsten is a brittle, high-density gray-white metal with good electrical conductivity properties and a melting point higher than all other pure metals. The electrical conductivity and thermal properties of tungsten make it suitable for use in many applications, both in its pure metallic form and as a component in an alloyed metal. In its nonalloyed form, tungsten is used to make electrodes for arc welding, filaments for light bulbs and high-performance auto parts. It also finds use in numerous electrical, spacecraft and high temperature applications. As an alloyed metal, tungsten increases the hardness and tensile strength of materials for use in wear-resistant tools, x-ray tubes, superalloys and industrial catalysts.  This application note demonstrates the ability of the Teledyne Leeman Lab’s Prodigy DC Arc to determine trace elements in high-purity tungsten metal.