Determination of Trace Elements in Organic Matrices using a Simple and Robust Approach
20 Dec 2016

There is significant demand for easy to use spectrochemical techniques in the determination of metals in complex organic matrices. This webinar will focus on the versatility and robustness of both MP-AES and ICP-OES in a variety of different applications.

Greg Gilleland and Paul Krampitz, Application Scientists, Agilent Technologies, will discuss the following applications:

  • Crude oil, biofuels and raw feedstocks for MP-AES
  • Wear metals in oils and edible oil analysis for ICP-OES

Specific tools available in the software to aid in the analysis will be highlighted, including the use of automated background correction, spectral deconvolution tools, and FLIC (Fast Linear Curve-fitting).

Agilent Technologies