Automate Colony Picking and Forget About Toothpicks
17 May 2017

Colony picking lies at the heart of many applications, such as molecular cloning, monoclonal antibody production, biofuel development and screening workflows. Although picking colonies by hand is not technically difficult, it is time consuming and, with typical throughput demands of more than 1,000 colonies per day, can easily become an error-prone process that creates a bottleneck. Automated colony picking not only eliminates picking errors and personal picking preferences, it also makes the process reproducible and traceable.

In this webinar, we will introduce SciRobotics’ Pickolo Colony-Picker add-on for Tecan liquid handling platforms. We will describe Pickolo’s unique features, and explain how it can pick not only bacterial colonies, but also hybridomas from semi-solid media, stem cell colonies, fungi, and almost everything you can see by eye which fits through a regular pipette tip, even zebrafish eggs. Whether you require a small, dedicated picking module or wish to automate an entire workflow, we will describe how this scalable solution can meet your needs.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about the Pickolo Colony-Picker and its unique picking features
  • Learn how the combination of colony picking and automated liquid handling can save you time and money

Who Should Attend:
  • Anyone wanting to increase colony-picking throughput
  • Anyone needing to track the colony-picking process
  • Anyone developing monoclonal antibodies with hybridoma technology and picking colonies from semi-solid media
  • Anyone interested in the separation of small objects and considering automation