Smart Cell Monitoring: Resolving the Changing Needs of Cellular Research with Continuous Live-Cell Analysis
11 Aug 2016

Researchers are increasingly turning from simple, reductionist recombinant cells to primary cells, stem-cell derived cells and advanced in vitro co-culture and organoid models for greater translation and wider application in their work. However, developing and using these different cell systems presents fresh challenges to the everyday researcher.

This webinar will overview the new requirements of these advanced cell systems and describe how exciting recent developments in non-invasive live cell analysis, particularly long-term live-cell monitoring, are helping to meet these needs. In this webinar, Dr Del Trezise, Co-founder and Director, Essen BioScience, Ltd., will discuss how non-invasive and continuous cell monitoring:

  • can add biological insights by allowing researchers to observe the full signal time-course and then select optimal time points for post-hoc analyses.
  • enable researchers to better understand the time-line of biological processes and make informed decisions regarding their cell husbandry and analysis workflows.
  • can potentially streamline cell analysis workflow, save time & money and improve efficiency.

Essen BioScience

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