The Solid-Core Particle Advantage: Greater Efficiency, Resolution and Throughput for Improved LC Analysis
10 Apr 2015

Separation scientists continue to search for new ways to increase efficiency to achieve higher resolution separations and greater throughput in their chromatographic analyses. Many scientists desire shorter cycle times and increased resolution to analyze complex samples on HPLC systems.

The CORTECS 2.7 μm Solid-Core Particle Columns from Waters are ideal for improved separation efficiency and seamless method transfer across instrument platforms.

In this webinar, you will learn:

  • The impact of combining optimized solid-core particle design with state-of-the-art column packing technology.
  • How the combination of these particle and column innovations with novel bonded phases enables even greater peak capacities, analyte loadability, and sensitivity for a diverse range of analytes.
  • How productivity gains can be achieved using CORTECS Columns to optimize the speed of analysis and increase throughput.
  • About the method transfer applications that span across different particle sizes, configurations, and LC platforms.


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