Profiling and MS Characterization Tools for Complex and Low Abundant N-Glycans
14 Oct 2015

UPLC-FLR/MS(MS) analysis of released N-glycans labeled with a fluorescent tag has become routine with high performance LC and MS instrumentation. Mass spectrometry is known to have limited sensitivity for the detection of native or tagged glycans using conventional labels, such as 2-AB and 2-AA, due to their poor ESI performance. To overcome the low MS ionization efficiency associated with conventional labels and confidently assign lower-level glycans, a novel tag, RapiFluor-MS, has been developed by Waters.

Stephan M. Koza, PhD, Principle Application Scientist at Waters Corporation, and Ying Quing Yu, PhD, Senior Science Manager at Waters Corporation, will discuss:

  • The fundamentals of the RapiFluor-MS glycan labeling chemistry and the simple and rapid sample-prep procedure incorporating its use.
  • Glycan identification and profiling using calibrated retention time in Glucose Unit (GU) and accuracy mass.
  • Details on highly resolving HILIC-based chromatographic methods, including high mannose and large molecular weight N-Glycans.
  • Integrated analytical workflows for comprehensive glycan profiling and characterization using the UNIFI platform solution.