Raise Your Nano LC-MS Performance with New Thermo Scientific Solutions
08 Feb 2016

Nano liquid chromatography (LC) is a powerful tool for discovery and validation studies in LC-MS proteomics. It provides very high sensitivity and a wide dynamic range, which are essential to confidently analyze complex biological samples. Recent technological advances bring a high level of nano LC robustness and performance that are required to overcome analytical challenges and increase analytical throughput.

In this webinar, Dr. Alexander Boychenko and Dr. Stephan Meding, LC-MS Application Specialists at Thermo Fisher Scientific, will discuss:

  • The latest innovations in nano LC-MS technology
  • A set of standard and advanced LC-MS applications that can be successfully performed on new nano LC systems in combination with high-resolution mass spectrometers
  • How to overcome major challenges in nano LC-MS analyses of complex samples

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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