Analytical Methods for Semi-Targeted Screening of Pharmaceuticals and Illicit Drugs in Complex Environmental Samples
23 Apr 2015

The true breadth of pharmaceutical and illicit drug residue contamination within an aqueous environment can often be underestimated, due to the use of targeted analytical approaches for just a small number of compounds. The use of high resolution mass spectrometry (HRMS) as an analytical tool helps to address this issue, but chromatographic retention time is still often required to confirm drug occurrence. There may potentially be thousands of compounds that do not have reference standards commercially available to make a confirmation.

In this webinar, Dr Leon Barron, Lecturer in Forensic Science, will use case studies to demonstrate:

• How LC-HRMS enables semi-targeted screening of waste- and river water
• How post-acquisition data-mining tools help manage delivery of large data sets
• How to use intelligent approaches to predict chromatographic retention time without the use of analytical reference standards

Thermo Fisher Scientific

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