Water Distillation Equipment

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Hydra-DI Deionized Water System  

The Hydra DI Series is a pre-assembled cartridge system that provides deionized water using a staged filtration process. The Hydra DI Series is a pre-assembled cartridge system that...
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ech2o Collection & Recycling Program  

This new program was designed by Millipore to reduce the environmental impact of Lab Water purification cartridges. Partnership with Heritage Environmental Services Positive...
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A unique range of packaged centralized systems. The CENTRA range has been designed to transform the installation, control and supply of pure water to a loop system. Instead of a...
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PURELAB Chorus Halo Dispense Solutions  

Three remote dispensing and monitoring solutions enable you to position your PURELAB Chorus where you want – freeing up valuable work space. Halo Dispense – Fixed position...
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Stuart Aquatron Water Still  

4 out of 5

All glass construction allows rapid descaling using strong mineral acids. A built in ""clean"" function and integral acid addition funnel make the cleaning operation simple and safe with...
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  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • After sales service 2 out of 5
  • Value for money 4 out of 5

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Water distilling apparatus  

Maximum purity With the water distilling apparatus made of DURAN® bososilicate glass 3.3 (hydrolytic class 1 glass), starting with normal tap water you can obtain a distillate of...
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Thermo Scientific Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus Wa...  

The Thermo Scientific Barnstead GenPure xCAD Plus water purification system delivers ultrapure 18.2 megohm-cm water with consistent quality for the most demanding and sensitive...
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Pipette Controllers Offer Perfect Combination of Speed & Fine Dosing