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Lancer Cleaning Chemicals  

Available exclusively from Lancer, our line of cleaning chemicals are made specifically for use in all high pressure washers. Lancer cleaning chemicals are premixed for direct use from the...
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AlfaSIP™ - Sanitization & Disinfection Kit  

AlfaSIP™ A new, rapid, in-situ kit to provide sanitization of the Alfa Wassermann Pilot Scale eKII / KII and ePKII / PKII Production Scale Continuous Flow Ultracentrifuges, AW Promatix...
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Lens Cleaning Tissue  

5 out of 5

Whatman Lens cleaning tissue Lenses and other optical surfaces made from glass, quartz, or plastic can be easily scratched if they are not cleaned with a very soft tissue. High-quality...
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  • Ease of use 5 out of 5
  • After sales service 5 out of 5
  • Value for money 5 out of 5

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