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SelectScience Announces New Reviewers’ Choice Awards6 Feb 2015Read
The Fastest Microplate Washer with New Features: Auto-Switch Between up to Four Wash Buffer Inlets Microplate Washer30 Nov 2014Read
Cherwell Meets Cleanroom Microbiology and Decontamination Needs at Pharmig 2014 Contamination Prevention, Sterilization14 Nov 2014Read
Genevac Rocket Synergy: A Versatile Evaporator for Lab and Batch Processing Tasks Sample Concentration16 Oct 2014Read
STARLAB’s New StarGuard Gloves are Proven to Reduce the Potential for Contact Dermatitis Laboratory Safety, Microbiology Consumables10 Jul 2014Read
SiliCycle Acquires the MiniBlock® Product Line from Mettler Toledo Peptides, Peptide Chemistry10 Feb 2014Read
Introducing the Education Laboratory Glassware Package from Miele Professional Glass10 Jan 2014Read
New Annual Conference for Innovative Technologies Research and Development11 Dec 2013Read
Enhanced Range of Direct-Q 3, 5, 8 Water Purification Systems Ultrapure Water, PittCon5 Mar 2012Read
New Digital Ultrasonic Cleaner to Help Solve Problems in Sample Prep11 Nov 2011Read

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