Viscometer Accessories

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AST-100™ Viscometer  

The AST-100 Viscosity Controller advanced Sensor Technology for direct in-line viscosity measurement. This versatile instrument is excellent for customers who are looking for viscosity...
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TC Series Circulating Water Baths  

TC Series Circulating Water Baths * Non-Refrigerated for Heating and Cooling. Why control temperature for viscosity measurement? Detecting changes in your sample's properties is...
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The VROCTM measures the true viscosity curve of complex liquids and organic compounds. It is the perfect solution for the following applications: Laboratory · Micron sample R&D ·...
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AVSPro Automatic Sampler  

The AVSPro automatic sampler is a fully automated measuring instrument for determining the viscosity of Newtonian fluids with capillary viscometers. In spite of the high sample throughput,...
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Transparent thermostats - CT series  

High temperature constancy and visual observation Transparent thermostats manufactured by SCHOTT Instruments have been specially designed to measure the viscosity of Newtonian...
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ViscoClock: Time-measurement unit for viscosity ...  

The ViscoClock is the economically priced introductory model in the field of automatic viscosity measurements. Manual measurements with a stopwatch and a trained eye is therefore something...
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Rudolph Research DDM2911 Density Meter  

4 out of 5

DISTRIBUTED UK ONLY An advanced Automatic Density Meter the DDM211 is a unique all purpose high sensitivity analytical instrument for the measurement of density in the Petroleum,...
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  • Value for money 4 out of 5

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