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Beckman Coulter Receives FDA Clearance on Vitamin D Total Assay for Use on Access 2 and UniCel DxI Immunoassay Systems8 Jan 2015Read
DiaSorin Launches the First CLIA Test Available in the World for the Determination of the 1.25 Vitamin D on its LIAISON XL5 Jun 2014Read
Vitamin D-direct™ from Carolina Liquid Chemistries Corp. receives “Moderate Complexity” Categorization by the FDA28 May 2014Read
Fully Automate Sample Preparation for the Testing of Vitamin D and Immunosuppressants with the New Hamilton MassSTAR23 Apr 2014Read
Chromsystems and Hamilton Robotics Launch Fully Integrated CE-IVD Sample Preparation Solution for LC-MS/MS Diagnostics26 Mar 2014Read
New AC Extraction Plate™ from Tecan Provides a Unique Sample Preparation Tool for LC-MS30 Oct 2013Read
Beckman Coulter Receives CE Mark on Vitamin D Total Assay23 Oct 2013Read
Siemens Among First to Standardize Vitamin D Assay to Enhance Accuracy and Reliability30 Sep 2013Read
FDA Approves Randox Immunoassay Speciality Controls for US Market18 Jul 2013Read
Fast and Fully Automated Determination of Vitamin D Levels with Alegria®11 Jul 2013Read

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Determination of 1α,25(OH)2-Vitamin D3 (Calcitriol) in Human Plasma Using the AB SCIEX API 4000™ System9 Jan 2015Read
Identification of 1α,25(OH)2-Vitamin D2 and D3 in Serum Samples Using the AB SCIEX Triple Quad™ 5500 System19 Dec 2014Read
Rapid and Effective Cleanup of Vitamin D2 and D3 from Human Plasma Using Phree™ Phospholipid Removal Plates and Kinetex® Core-Shell HPLC/UHPLC Columns12 Dec 2014Read
Automated Liquid-Liquid Extraction of Vitamin D and Preparation for LC/MS Analysis Using the Hamilton Robotics Microlab® STARlet Workstation10 Nov 2014Read
Analysis of 25-OH-Vitamin D3 and 25-OH-Vitamin D2 by LC/MS/MS1 Oct 2014Read
Automated, High-Throughput LC-MS/MS Workflow for the Analysis of 25-Hydroxyvitamin D2/3 and 3-Epi-25-Hydroxyvitamin D329 Sep 2014Read
An Offline Automated Solid-Phase Extraction Method for Measurement of Serum 25-Hydroxyvitamin D for Clinical Research29 Aug 2014Read
Quantitative Determination of Serum 25-OH-vitamin D3/D2 using the Tecan AC Extraction Plate™ and the amaZon speed Ion Trap27 Aug 2014Read
Method Optimization for LC-MS Analysis of Vitamin D Metabolite Critical Pairs in Serum15 Jul 2014Read
Automated Sample Preparation of 25-OH-Vitamin D3/D2 from Serum with the AC Extraction Plate and the Tecan Freedom EVO® for the quantification by LC-MS/MS5 Mar 2014Read


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