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BioTek’s Gen5 Software Offers CVB Relative Potency Solution13 Aug 2014Read
AB SCIEX Improves Food Safety with New Method to Identify Markers for Horse Meat and the Banned Veterinary Drug Residue Phenylbutazone24 May 2013Read

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Variable Data-Independent Acquisition Delivers High Selectivity and Sensitivity in Combined Targeted and Untargeted Analyses for Small Molecules23 Dec 2014Read
Quick and Sensitive Analysis of Multiclass Veterinary Drug Residues in Meat, Plasma, and Milk on a Q Exactive Focus LC-MS System15 Dec 2014Read
Veterinary Drug Analysis with Supercritical Fluid Chromatography and Triple Quadrupole LC/MS17 Sep 2014Read
Food Safety Applications Notebook: Agricultural Chemical Contaminants30 Apr 2014Read
Can LC-MS/MS Be Used in Horse Meat Detection?28 Apr 2014Read
The Use of Multivariant Analysis for Early Detection of Potential Food or Beverage Adulterations24 Apr 2014Read
Analysis of 13 Aminoglycoside Antibiotics in Bovine Milk by Ion-Pair Chromatography with Xevo TQ-S22 Oct 2012Read
Optimized Extraction and Cleanup Protocols for LC/MS/MS Multi-Residue Determination of Veterinary Drugs in Milk4 Oct 2012Read


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Fera and Food Safety Training: Dr. Simon Hird on the Analysis of Veterinary Medicines and Pesticides in Food and IFSTL Food Safety Training3 Dec 2012Watch  
Food and Environmental Testing at the Service for Consumers and Veterinary Affairs29 Oct 2012Watch  
Food Safety and Environmental Health Testing at the Central Science Laboratory8 Oct 2012Watch