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Introducing the New Shimadzu LCMS-8050 Ultra-Fast Mass Spectrometer23 Aug 2013Read
AB SCIEX Enables Laboratories to Standardize on Single Software Platform for Accelerating Validation with New Version of Analyst Software17 Jun 2013Read
Bruker Introduces Instant Expertise in High Resolution LCMSMS with the New COMPACT Mass Spectrometer24 Mar 2013Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Debuts TSQ 8000 GC-MS/MS Complete Pesticide Analysis Solution at Pittcon 201318 Mar 2013Read
Bruker CAM to Showcase SCION, EVOQ and aurora Analytical Instruments at Pittcon 20134 Mar 2013Read
Bruker Launch aurora Elite ICP-MS for Trace Elemental Detection25 Feb 2013Read
Three New Triple Quads Achieve New Standards in Mass Spectrometry12 Jun 2012Read
Sensitive Mass Spectrometer to Achieve Lower Limits of Quantitation in Complex Matrices22 May 2012Read

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Ultrafast Analysis of Antiretroviral Drugs in Serum Using the Agilent RapidFire High-Throughput Mass Spectrometry System8 Jul 2014Read
High Definition Data Directed Analysis: The Application of Quadrupole Ion Mobility Time-of-Flight Mass Spectrometry for Untargeted Proteomics Studies1 Jul 2014Read
Quantitative LC-MS/MS analysis of Sulfonamides in Honey using Advance UHPLC-EVOQ™ Elite LC-MS/MS system13 May 2014Read
Rapid Fingerprinting of Flavor Ingredients in Food Products13 May 2014Read
Rapid Screening for Melamine in Food Products12 May 2014Read
Analysis of Pesticides in Baby Foods Using a GCMS-TQ8030 GC/MS/MS, Part II1 May 2014Read
Analysis of Pesticides in Food Matrix using QuEChERS by Triple Quadrupole GC/MS/MS and LC/MS/MS30 Apr 2014Read
Analysis of Human IgG using Automated Digestion Coupled Directly to LCMS-805025 Apr 2014Read
Aroclors in Human Blood Serum by Triple Quadrupole GC/MS/MS30 Dec 2013Read
Q&A: Biosimilar Characterization: Leveraging Protein Analytical Technology within GMP Guidelines to Design a Pathway to a Successful Product10 Dec 2013Read


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Detecting Metabolomic Contaminations using Tandum-MS12 May 2014Watch  
AxION iQT GC/MS/MS- Combining Triple Quad Quantitation & Q-TOF Identification in One Instrument 9 Jul 2013Watch  
The AB SCIEX 6500 Series with Ion Drive Technology for LC/MS/MS11 Feb 2013Watch  
Triple Quadrupole GCMS19 Jun 2012Watch  
Exact Mass Performance in TOF MS17 Apr 2012Watch