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Breaking Barriers in siRNA Delivery: Discover a New Approach to Transfection from IDT17 Dec 2014Read
Win 1 of 3 iPad minis: Mirus Bio Booth #501 ASCB 201425 Nov 2014Read
Thermo Fisher Scientific Targets Neurons and Primary Cells with Expansion of Transfection Reagent Portfolio6 Nov 2014Read
Polyplus-transfection and Blue Sky BioServices Sign a Research and Commercial License Agreement for use of PEI-Based Transfection Technologies29 Oct 2014Read
FUJIFILM Diosynth Biotechnologies Announces the Launch of its ‘Apollo™’ Mammalian Expression Platform9 Oct 2014Read
AMSBIO Introduces Easy and Cost-Effective Generation of siRNAs from Full-Length Target Genes23 Sep 2014Read
Efficient Delivery of Proteins into Living Cells with BioPORTER® Protein Delivery Reagent from AMSBIO15 Apr 2014Read
Promega ViaFect™ Transfection Reagent Delivers High Performance Transfection across Multiple Cell Lines, Including iPS Cells17 Jan 2014Read
Catch the “Buzz” with the New TransIT®-Insect Transfection Reagent from Mirus Bio16 Dec 2013Read
Mirus to Display Latest Transfection Technology at ASCB 201328 Nov 2013Read

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Accelerating Discovery and Development: Reducing Risk with High Performance Transfection of the Right Cell for the Right Application2 Mar 2015Read
Literature Review: CHO versus HEK Cell Glycosylation2 Mar 2015Read
Maximizing Protein Expression in CHO Suspension Cells through Transient Transfection16 Feb 2015Read
Highly Efficient Delivery of Viral RNA Genomes Using a Lipid-Based Transfection Reagent Compared to Electroporation9 Feb 2015Read
High Efficiency Production of LentiviralVectors in HEK 293FT Cells Using Plasmid Co-transfection: Calcium Phosphate vs. Lipopolyplex Transfection4 Feb 2015Read
Ingenio® Electroporation Solution - The High Efficiency, Broad Spectrum Solution for Nucleic Acid Delivery into Primary Cells and Hard to Transfect Cell-lines29 Jan 2015Read
Electroporation as a Cell Transfection Method for High Content Molecular Translocation Assay14 Jan 2015Read
High Yields of Transfected Cells with BRANDplates® cellGrade™ Premium Surface5 Dec 2014Read
Streamlined Receptor Screening: Ion Channels, GPCRs and Nuclear Receptor Screening in Biologically Relevant Cells Using Large Scale Transient Transfection11 Nov 2014Read
Streamlining Antibody Development Using Large Scale, CHO Transient Gene Expression (TGE) Followed by Rapid Production of CHO Stable Pools7 Nov 2014Read


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Webinar: Accelerating Product Development: from Transient Transfection to Stable Pools and Stable Clones3 Dec 2014Watch  
The Simplicity of Transfection25 Nov 2014Watch  
TransIT BrCa Transfection Reagent 22 Oct 2014Watch  
The FuGENE® 6: Out of This World!5 Aug 2011Watch