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Life Technologies Releases New Research Tool: Oncomine NGS RNA-Seq Gene Expression Browser14 Apr 2014Read
CLC Bio and BioBam Deliver Integrated Workflow to Functionally Annotate de novo Sequenced Genomes and Transcriptomes2 Oct 2013Read
Illumina Launches New Reagent Kits for the MiSeq® System19 Aug 2013Read
Ingenuity Systems Announces Awardees of Grant Program at AACR12 Apr 2013Read
Life Technologies Launches Oncomine® Bioinformatics Solutions for Cancer Researchers5 Apr 2013Read
Epicentre’s New Globin-Zero™ Gold Kit Distributed Exclusively in the UK by Cambio7 Mar 2013Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces SureSelect Strand-Specific RNA Library Preparation Kit for Whole Transcriptome and Targeted RNA Sequencing21 Feb 2013Read
Providing Advanced Solutions for Pathway-Driven Multi-Omics Research20 Feb 2013Read
Selventa to Develop New Class of Multi-omic Based Diagnostic Tests for Autoimmune Disease and Cancer22 Jan 2013Read
Agilent Technologies’ New Pathway Architect Software to Include SRI International’s BioCyc Pathway Database Collection11 Dec 2012Read

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Analysis of Single-Cell Transcriptomes Reveals Gene Expression States that Define Cellular Subpopulations22 Aug 2013Read
Transcriptome Sequencing Using the Ion Proton™ System19 Aug 2013Read
Gene Expression Profiling of Both Protein-Coding and Long Non-coding RNA Transcripts from Small Amounts of Total RNA Using a Single Microarray Design24 Jun 2013Read
Whole Transcript Profiling Using SurePrint G3 Exon Microarrays in a Complete Workflow15 Jun 2013Read
The Impact of Transfection Mediated Toxicity - Gene Expression and Cytotoxicity Analysis of Transfection Reagents7 Feb 2013Read
Live Cell Imaging: Studying NF-kB Signaling Dynamics Using the Operetta System5 Nov 2012Read


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Understand Complex Omics Data with Ingenuity24 Apr 2013Watch  
Genomics Solutions for Analyzing FFPE Archival Tissues24 Apr 2013Watch  
Model, Analyze, and Understand the Complex Biological and Chemical Systems at the Core of Life Science Research with IPA27 Mar 2013Watch  
Next Generation Sequencing for Clinical and Research Genomics8 Oct 2012Watch

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