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Top 10 Environmental Downloads of 201431 Dec 2014Read
Siemens Launches New Efficient Platform for Drugs-of-Abuse Testing23 Dec 2014Read
MicroMatrices Announces Partnership Agreement with Advanced Cell Diagnostics for Preclinical Use of RNA ISH12 Nov 2014Read
MedTest Announces Commercial Launch of Mindray™BS–480 Chemistry Analyzer3 Nov 2014Read
MedTest Announces Acquisition of Clinitox Diagnostix27 Oct 2014Read
Tecan’s AC Extraction Plate™ Boosts Productivity for Clozapine Testing at King’s College Hospital22 Oct 2014Read
BioReliance® Introduces Advanced In Vitro ADME and Toxicology Services Designed to Improve Drug Safety and Efficacy16 Oct 2014Read
Peakdale Molecular Reports Significant Growth in Demand for its Medicinal Chemistry Services26 Jun 2014Read
Almac Supports Clients in Response to New, Stringent, FDA Heavy Metal Mandates by Investing in ICP-MS Equipment3 Jun 2014Read
Novozymes Biopharma to Offer Drug-Albumin Conjugation Platform in Collaboration with ThioLogics14 May 2014Read

  Application Articles

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A FASTer and Cleaner Alternative to ‘Dilute and Shoot’12 Jan 2015Read
Analysis of Beta-Blockers Using UPLC with Accurate-Mass Screening13 Nov 2014Read
Evaluation of Ketone‐Containing Terpene Compounds using Evaporative Light Scattering Detection22 Sep 2014Read
Automated 384-Well Cell-Based Cytochrome P450 Inhibition Assays Using Cryopreserved Human Hepatocytes in Suspension8 Apr 2014Read
GravityPlus™ and GravityTRAP™ – A Perfect Match: An Integrated Platform Solution for Microtissue Culture and Assay10 Mar 2014Read
Accelerating 3D Microtissue Production: Fast and efficient 3D microtissue production with the Viaflo 96 channel hand-held electronic pipette1 Mar 2014Read
A High Throughput Automated Sample Preparation and Analysis Workflow for Comprehensive Toxicology Urine Screenings Using LC-MS/MS10 Feb 2014Read
Investigating Multiplexing a High Resolution, Accurate Mass Assay for a High Throughput Comprehensive Toxicology Urine Screening3 Sep 2013Read
Inter-laboratory Tests Demonstrate the Robustness and Transferability of the Toxtyper™ Workflow3 Sep 2013Read
Toxic Analyses of Biological Samples: Cryogenic Grinding Facilitates the Preparation of Animal Samples8 Mar 2013Read


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3D Insight™ Human Liver Microtissues: A 90 Second Introduction27 Oct 2014Watch