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Siemens Tissue Preparation Solution Offers New Use to Increase Molecular Lab Efficiency15 Nov 2013Read
Agilent Technologies Introduces IQFISH FFPE Buffer, Enabling One-Hour Hybridization of FFPE Tissue Samples15 Nov 2013Read
Freeze Tissue Samples Quickly and Reliably with New Easy-to-Use Histology Products from PolyScience3 Oct 2013Read
“Intelligent Knife” Set to Revolutionize Cancer Surgery: SelectScience Interviews its Creator, Dr Zoltan Takats22 Jul 2013Read
AMSBIO Announces Expansion of Tissue Biorepository and Collection Services23 Apr 2013Read
Sakura Finetek Introduces World’s First Automated and Programmable Microtome11 Apr 2013Read
Promega Launches GenePrint 10 System Designed for Human Cell Line Authentication and Sample Identification4 Apr 2013Read
Denator Validates Compatibility of Heat-stabilization System with MALDI Imaging Analysis to Assist in Detection of Metabolites and Endogenous Peptides27 Mar 2013Read
Covaris Introduces Novel FFPE DNA Extraction Kit at AGBT 201326 Feb 2013Read
NeuroInDx Unveils Kuiqpick, its New Cell and Tissue Acquisition System for Research Labs19 Feb 2013Read

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Increased Sensitivity in LAESI-MS Analyses using a Heated Extension Tube for the Direct Analysis of Plants2 Sep 2014Read
Improved Spatial Resolution in the Analysis of FFPE Tissue after Trypic Digestion29 Aug 2014Read
Evaluating the Efficacy and Reproducibility of Automated Homogenization Technologies16 Jun 2014Read
Protein Extraction from Hard Tissue Samples Using the Bead Ruptor 2411 Jun 2014Read
Evaluating the Reproducibility of Protein Extraction from Hard Tissues Using the Bead Ruptor 12 Homogenizer11 Jun 2014Read
RNA Extraction from Breast Cancer Xenografts and Lymph Node Metastases30 Apr 2014Read
A High-Throughput Method for Targeted Metabolomics Analysis of Different Tissue Samples using the AbsoluteIDQ™ Kit10 Mar 2014Read
Human Skin Cell Cultures Incubated at DIZG in BINDER Incubators for Clinical Use4 Mar 2014Read
Automated TruSeq RNA Sample Preparation from FFPE Tissue Specimens utilizing the Biomek FXP Liquid Handler22 Oct 2013Read
Cultivation and Differentiation of Human Adipose Derived Mesenchymal Stem Cells with CELLSTAR® and CELLCOAT® Cell Culture Products28 May 2013Read


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Efficient Sample Dissociation with gentleMACS Tubes from Miltenyi Biotec25 Nov 2013Watch  
The Cryolys Cooling Device for Precellys Tissue Homogenizers11 Sep 2013Watch  
RNA hybridization Slide Processing for QuantiGene19 Jul 2013Watch  
RNA Hybridization Tissue Pretreatment for QuantiGene 18 Jul 2013Watch  
How to Mount the Slides for the QuantiGene ViewRNA ISH Tissue Assay16 Jul 2013Watch  
High Throughput Sample Analysis at the New MRC-NIHR Phenome Centre (Part 2)16 Jun 2013Watch  
Dr. Jude Fitzgibbon, Barts Cancer Institute - Part 1: Epigenomic Changes in Follicular Lymphoma28 May 2013Watch  
Dr. Jude Fitzgibbon, Barts Cancer Institute - Part 2: Understanding the Molecular Evolution of AML28 May 2013Watch  
Galileo TMA CK Series HTS Tissue Microarray Platform5 Feb 2013Watch  
Product Review: Biomek FXp Laboratory Automation Workstation from Beckman Coulter30 Jan 2013Watch