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Material Analysis of Comet may Reveal Secrets of the Big Bang14 Nov 2014Read
FLIR Introduces Calibrated OEM Thermal Imaging Core - Muon™10 Sep 2014Read
FLIR Introduces Optical Gas Imaging Cameras for Continuous Monitoring1 Sep 2014Read
Superframing Technique Increases the Dynamic Range of Thermal Imaging29 Aug 2014Read
FLIR Announces High Resolution Thermal Camera Kit13 Aug 2014Read
Ultra Fast Acquisition of Dynamic Thermal Events with New X6580sc Thermal Imaging Camera from FLIR Systems29 Oct 2013Read
FLIR Systems Expands Range of Portable Thermal Imaging Kits for Academic & Industrial Labs4 Oct 2013Read
Differential Thermal Analysis can be used with all of Expert System Solutions’ Misura Instruments13 Aug 2013Read
FLIR Thermal Imaging Helps Safeguard Wind Power Generation19 Jul 2013Read
New Cooled Thermal Imaging Cameras from FLIR systems Enhance Industrial R&D Applications10 Jun 2013Read

  Application Articles

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The DSC 214 Polyma: Ideal for Temperature-Modulated Measurements17 Jul 2014Read
Thermal Imaging Cameras Help Athletes and Sports Enthusiasts with Early Observation of Inflammation25 Jun 2014Read
Facility Chiller Maintenance Improved by Thermal Imaging12 Nov 2013Read
BAM Ensures Safe Oxygen Cylinder Filling with FLIR Thermal Imaging Camera28 Aug 2013Read


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Thermal Imaging to Identify and Prevent Injuries30 Jun 2014Watch