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MRC Technology Announces Humanization of Anti-Tau Monoclonal Antibody for Alzheimer’s Disease Therapy22 Jul 2014Read
INTEGRA Pipette Streamlines High Throughput Screening of Novel Protein Therapeutics16 Jul 2014Read
Integral Molecular’s MPS Discovery Engine® Platform Generates P2X3 MAbs for Neuropathic Pain10 Apr 2014Read
UCB and UK’s MRC Technology Sign Exclusive License Agreement for a Fibrosis Program to Develop Antibody-Based Therapy13 Feb 2014Read
Integrated DNA Technologies to Present on Rapid and Reliable Method of Gene Cloning at Antibody Engineering and Therapeutics2 Dec 2013Read
Almac Launches New [14C]-labelled ADCs Service Offering11 Nov 2013Read
BioInvent and Bayer Extend and Broaden Collaboration for the Discovery and Development of Therapeutic Antibodies14 Oct 2013Read
MRC Technology and Boston University Collaborate to Develop anti-IL-16 Antibody for Treatment of Inflammatory Conditions10 Oct 2013Read
BioGenes Launches Enhanced Generic HCP Assay for Early Stage Biologics Production18 Sep 2013Read
ForteBio Launches Octet HTX System for Accelerated Drug Development17 Sep 2013Read

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Reducing Cycle Time for Quantification of Human IgG Using the Agilent Bio-Monolith Protein A HPLC Column21 Jul 2014Read
Better Antibody Screening: Reduce Costs. Reduce False Negatives. Improve Success15 Jul 2014Read
Tag-lite® Two-Cell Assay: A Valuable Tool for Protein Drug Discovery30 Jun 2014Read
Automated Antibody Verification for Lead Discovery28 Apr 2014Read
Better Guidance in Antibody Therapeutics Process Development Using Differential Scanning Calorimetry13 Mar 2014Read
ImmunoSIGNAL™ Cytokine Storm10 Dec 2013Read
Development of an In Vitro Pre-clinical Cellular Assay to Predict9 Dec 2013Read
A Novel, No Wash Screening Assay to Simultaneously Measure Binding to Target and Control Antigens on Mammalian Cell Surfaces13 Oct 2013Read
Development Of A Multiplex High Throughput Screening Assay Cascade For Evaluating Receptor Tyrosine Kinase Binding And Activation.11 Oct 2013Read
Multiplexed Antibody Characterization9 Oct 2013Read


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GLP Compliant Storage of Tissue Samples with BINDER's Ultra Low Temperature Freezer13 Jan 2014Watch