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ZoBio and Domainex Join Forces to Deliver Crucial Drug Target Information to support FORMA Therapeutics’ Drug Discovery Programs10 Dec 2014Read
Could ‘Onion’ Vesicles Revolutionize Drug Delivery?20 Jun 2014Read
Diamond Light Source Purchases Multiple Electron Microscopes from FEI18 Jun 2014Read
Funding Announced for New Biological Facilities at Diamond Light Source, UK17 Dec 2013Read
Wyatt Technology Instrumentation Employed by the Medical Research Council to Perform Breakthrough Research into Human Health and Disease15 Nov 2013Read
Utrecht University Appointment to Advance Large Protein Research Using Orbitrap Technology14 Nov 2013Read
Cresset’s New Activity Miner for Lead Optimization Highlights and Explains Key Activity Insights3 Oct 2013Read
Scripps Research Institute Study Finds New Moves in Protein's Evolution29 Sep 2013Read
DNASTAR Lasergene 11.2 Released Vastly Enhancing Sequence Alignments17 Sep 2013Read
Neutron Studies of HIV Inhibitors Reveal New Areas for Improvement in Drug Design to Enhance Performance, Combat Resistance and Reduce Dosage13 Aug 2013Read

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CrystalQuickTMX: Optimised Platform for In-Situ Analysis of Protein Crystals18 Nov 2014Read
Using In-Fusion® Technology for High-Throughput Precision Cloning of Constructs Expressing Signaling Pathway Protein Domains16 Sep 2014Read
Probing Disulfide Bond Structure with Top Down Mass Spectrometry1 Sep 2014Read
Fourier Transform Ion Cyclotron Resonance Top Down Mass Spectrometry of Intact and Reduced Antibodies1 Sep 2014Read
The Case for CASE—Saving Time and Effort with Computer-Assisted Structure Elucidation in Routine Analysis21 Aug 2014Read
Direct Characterization of Cysteine Binding in Signal Transduction Pathways by LC MS/MS9 Aug 2013Read
Characterization of Food Ingredients by GPC/SEC with Triple Detection5 Dec 2012Read
Disulfide Bridge Mapping by LC MS/MS9 Nov 2012Read
CrystalQuick X: Optimized Platform for In-Situ Analysis of Protein Crystals30 Oct 2012Read
Fast Methods in NMR Using BioPack30 Oct 2012Read


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Determining 3D Structures of Macromolecular Complexes Using Cryo-TEM 10 Nov 2014Watch  
Rigaku BioSAXS-1000 AUTO15 May 2014Watch  
Aligning Protein Structures with DNASTAR’s Lasergene Protean 3D19 Aug 2013Watch  
The Horiba Xplora: Combining Confocal Microscopy and Raman Chemical Analysis1 Mar 2013Watch  
TriWave Ion Mobility - See More Than You Ever Thought Possible3 Dec 2012Watch