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AB SCIEX to Present ESI-MS Workshop at HPLC 201423 Apr 2014Read
BIOCRATES Life Sciences AG Launches Full Set of Reagents for MS-Based Steroid Analysis27 Sep 2012Read
AbsoluteIDQ® Stero17 Kit for Steroid Hormone Analysis12 Jul 2012Read

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LC-Tandem Mass Spectrometry (LC/MS/MS) in the Clinical Research Laboratory: A Selective, Sensitive, and Versatile Testing Technique for Measuring Endocrine Analytes15 Dec 2014Read
A Rapid and Analytically Sensitive LC-MS Method for the Simultaneous Analysis of a Panel of Steroid Hormones for Clinical Research22 Sep 2014Read
Quantitative Analysis of Dried Bloodspot 17-Hydroxyprogesterone by ACQUITY UPLC-MS/MS for Clinical Research12 Jun 2014Read
LC/MS Analysis of Aldosterone in Plasma12 Jun 2014Read
Fast Separation of 20 Steroids Including Isobaric Species using UPC2/MS/MS11 Jun 2014Read
Multiplexed Analysis of Steroid Hormones Using ionKey/MS10 Jun 2014Read
Method Development for the Analysis of Endogenous Steroids Using Convergence Chromatography with Mass Spectrometric Detection28 May 2014Read
Raman Imaging of Monkey Brain Tissue6 Mar 2014Read
Identification of Steroids in Urine and Plasma by LC/MS/MS Using strata™X and Gemini™ C1823 Jul 2012Read
Quantitative Analysis of Testosterone in Serum by LC/MS-MS17 Jul 2012Read


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Novel GC-IRMS Technique for Steroid Confirmation: Olympics Anti-Doping Lab30 Apr 2012Watch  
An Analysts' Perspective on the Games: Method Development30 Apr 2012Watch