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InSphero Wins ACES Award as Top European Academic Enterprise in Life Sciences15 Oct 2014Read
In the News this Week: Blood Test for Cancer, EU Body-on-a-Chip Project & New Column Set Runs Seven EPA Methods25 Jul 2014Read
New Cell Culture Surface Designed to Enable Consistent, Repeatable Formation of Spheroids in Suspension1 Apr 2014Read
InSphero Announces Collaboration with NIH National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences (NCATS)21 Mar 2014Read
Keep Your Cells Well Rounded with New PrimeSurface™ Culture Ware from Alpha Laboratories14 Mar 2014Read
Corning Showcases Expanded Drug Discovery Portfolio at SLAS 201420 Jan 2014Read
3D Spheroid Assays from AMSBIO for Cancer Drug Screening25 Jun 2013Read
Integrating Matrix into 3D Spheroid Culture Enables High Throughput Measurement of cell Invasion21 Dec 2012Read
New CELLSTAR Culture Vessels With Cell-Repellent Surface12 Dec 2012Read

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Viability and Cytotoxicity Analysis of Spheroids16 Sep 2014Read
Perfecta3D® Hanging Drop Plates Protocol: 384-Well Plate Spheroid Transfer and Harvesting8 Sep 2014Read
Live Cell Hypoxia Determination in a 3D Spheroid Model21 Aug 2014Read
Automated Cell Dispensing and Image-Based Spheroid Formation Tracking21 Aug 2014Read
3D Triculture Model for Evaluating Breast Cancer Progression7 Aug 2014Read
Cytotoxicity Studies on 3D Primary Liver Microtissues16 Jul 2014Read
Growth and Morphological Profiling of 3D Microtissues with the Cell3iMager8 Jul 2014Read
Luminescent Cell Health Assays for Tumor Spheroid Evaluation6 May 2014Read
3-D Imaging of Cancer Cell Spheroids28 Oct 2013Read
A Novel Tumor Model for the Characterization of Ovarian Cancer Spheroids11 Jul 2013Read


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Extracellular Matrices: Innovative Cancer Research7 Aug 2014Watch  
3D Cell Culture using Perfecta3D Hanging Drop Plates from 3D Biomatrix31 Jan 2013Watch