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Bruker mmc2014 Presentation to Highlight New Technology for Multipoint Confocal Imaging17 Jun 2014Read
Analytik Jena AG Announces FDA Conforming WinASPECT PLUS Software for the Spectrophotometer SPECORD® PLUS Series28 Jan 2014Read
Time Dependant Spectroscopy of Microscopic Samples with CRAIC TimePro™ Kinetic Spectroscopy Software8 Jan 2014Read
Fast Deep UV Spectrometer - New Detector and Filter Implementation Improves Data Collection Rate Two Fold20 Sep 2013Read
Iridian Announce Availability of Mid-wave and Long-wave Infrared Bandpass Filters9 Jul 2013Read
METTLER TOLEDO Launches New Thermogravimetric Analyzer TGA 1 at Pittcon21 Mar 2013Read
Analytik Reports on the Use of ASD Inc.'s AgriSpec Portable NIR Spectrometer to Measure the Nitrogen Content in Grain12 Mar 2013Read
Iridian Spectral Technologies Introduce High Performance Dichroic Mirrors for Raman Spectroscopy11 Mar 2013Read
Eppendorf Extends its Detection Product Portfolio with the Launch of New Instruments and Accessories5 Mar 2013Read
Analytik Jena Introduce New Dual Beam Spectrophotometer28 Feb 2013Read

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Topography and Refractive Index Measurement of a Sub-μm Transparent Film on an Electronic Chip by Correlation of Scanning Electron and Confocal Microscopy7 Oct 2014Read
MIRacle Single Reflection ATR: Design and Performance Features1 Aug 2013Read
Characterization of the Polymer Blend PMMA-SBR: Combining Confocal Raman and Atomic Force Microscopy26 Feb 2013Read
QA/QC of Dairy Powders Using the Agilent Cary 630 ATR-FTIR Analyzer21 Feb 2013Read
Confocal Raman Microscopy - Imaging of Emulsions14 Feb 2013Read
Micro-Volume Determination of Labeling Efficiency Using Spectral Scanning Analysis in a Standard Microplate Reader12 Feb 2013Read
Accurate Determination of Film Thickness by Fast-Scanning IR24 Jan 2013Read
Accurate Characterization of Polymers and Additives in Personal Care Products and Packaging by Fast-Scanning IR23 Jan 2013Read
Simultaneous Quantitation of Peptides and Phosphopeptides by capLC-ICP-MS using the Agilent 8800 Triple Quadrupole ICP-MS18 Jan 2013Read
Accurate Quantitative Analysis of Ferrosilicon by the Fusion Method Using ZSX PrimusIII17 Jan 2013Read


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Sealed High Pressure Clamp for PIKE MIRacle8 Jan 2014Watch  
An Innovation in Microplate Reader Technology - The CLARIOstar11 Sep 2013Watch  
The MIRacle Single Reflection ATR from PIKE Technologies1 Aug 2013Watch  
High Speed and Accurate UV-VIS Droplet Quantification16 Nov 2012Watch